Sundsvall: preparations for the start

Sundsvall’s high school has been assigned the “Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”, and are the sibling school to József Attila High School in Budapest, Hungary, in the cube project.

They have just began work for the project, and have decided to do the work in stages. The school has had focus weeks for the work on human rights from different perspectives.

Sundsvall high school have now also introduced the Self-leadership course for their students to ground their values for the continued work with the creative content of their cube.

The students have also worked with developing poems on non-boundary dreams. In connection to this the students have also have discussions of possibilities of future dreams in an integration project perspective, where the students discussed human rights.         

The students will work with film which will be related to the cube project and will be discussed throughout the school grades to integrate every student into the project.  

However the interior decorations have not jet started since there is still some preparations left before the students can decorate the cubes inside. Students who are studying construction will prepare the cube by putting wooden panels on the inside of the cube to make the cube a more welcoming and warm feel to it. When this is done the students will start to decorate and fill the cube with content that represents their view and thoughts of the right to education.

The opening ceremony has not yet been decided but will occur when the cube is fully decorated and filled.